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How convenient is pen style vape

There are two main types of vaporizers, the portables and the others which are not portable. The vaporizers which are not portable are known as the desktop vaporizers, this is because you have to plug them in in order to use them. The other category is the portable vaporizers; these vaporizers don’t require to be plugged. If you are new to vaporizers, the pen style vape is a small pen like vaporizers which are connected to a battery. The batteries range from 510 thread, batteries to 710 thread, batteries, but mostly they use the 510 threading.They can also be categorized into two, the vaporizers which use batteries and those that use butane fuel to vaporize.

How convenient is pen style vape

Battery powered vaporizers

The battery powered vaporizers use a battery to heat; they produce less vape and less smell. These vaporizers also have a temperature control, which prevents the battery from heating the substance beyond the recommended temperature. The recommended temperature is usually between 360 degrees F and 390 degrees F, it should not exceed 420 F. The pen vaporizer is one of the most convenient vaporizers there on the market, and this is because it is small enough to fit in the pocket or in a purse. If you are the type that uses vaporizers on the move, then this vaporizer is ideal for you.

This vaporizer is also good for your herbs if you do not want to vaporize them. Mostly the pen vaporizer combust the herb, so if you want to vaporize the herbs just go for desktops they will work better. Most battery powered vaporizers use the conduction method of vaporization, this means that the herbs are in direct contact with heat. Since the pen vaporizers use batteries, they are cheaper, making them convenient for most people. Although convectional method of vaporization is more preferred, the technology is very expensive, thus not everyone can afford the modern high tech vaporizers. The fact that this vaporizer has a battery makes it so convenient because you do not have to carry a lighter with you.

Quantity of vapor produced

The pen vaporizers are also known for their vaporizing concentrates, the concentration that they produce is very high compared to the other vaporizers. The only difference between the pen vaporizers is the battery threading, otherwise they all are the same. Whether it’s a wick collecting oilier concentrates or it uses a coil. The pen vaporizer, also very easy to use, since they are simple machines, they do not require a lot of effort to use.

These vaporizers were developed for those who want a high concentration of the herb; the pen style cape is the best for high concentrations. The other thing with vaporizing is that you should try to hold the vapor; this will enable it to move around the lungs. This will ensure that the active ingredients in the herb and the body can fully absorb them. It is advisable that before you buy a vaporizer always choose the type that will concentrate your herb, and will be portable like the pen style vape.

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Who Makes The Best Quality Vaporizer?

One of the great things about the vaporizer becoming mainstream is that more and more quality manufacturers are entering the market. The other great thing is that early entrants into the market are modifying and improving their products in order to compete. This means that vapers have a bigger and better choice every day, when looking for the best quality vaporizer.

The Best?

It’s really impossible to choose just one product when listing those with the highest quality. Everyone’s looking for something a little different, and one brand may be best in terms of the amount of vape delivered, another may be the most durable, and a third may have the most user control over operation. We prefer to list some of the finest vaporizers available, and let you choose depending on your own personal preferences and what’s most important to you.


The Herbalizer: This desktop unit was actually developed by two former NASA engineers; it looks something like a spaceship, but performs as if it’s a product from the 22nd century. Be aware that this baby is huge, but it is also amazingly fast, ready to vape your liquid in less than 20 seconds. It was designed for aromatherapy, but can be used for other purposes as well, of course. The user can choose the temperature it operates at, which means you have complete control over your vape. And as you’d expect from a product created by NASA experts, this thing is SOLID. It may just be the best quality vaporizer on the market.

·     The Volcano: One of the first vaporizers to hit the market, there are now two versions of this desktop unit available: the classic and the digital. It’s almost as expensive as the Herbalizer, and just about as large – it’s also just as durable. Both models allow the user to set temperature with easy to use controls, putting you in full charge of the strength and volume of what you inhale. You can choose either the easy valve or solid valve balloon option; solid valve requires that you clean the unit and replace the balloon periodically, while easy valve does all of that for you.  The vapor quality is great, and the Volcano is very reliable over time.

·     The Ploom Pax: If you’re looking for a portable vaporizer instead of a desktop model, the Pax from Ploom is definitely one of the best quality vaporizers out there. It’s solidly built, and perhaps its greatest feature is an easy-to-use button which incrementally increases the temperature. It lets you get a light vape, a stronger one, or a huge punch. The unit takes only about half a minute to heat up, and delivers a very satisfying vape. Even though it’s solidly built, it’s still high-tech, lightweight and amazingly easy to use; the heating chamber is readily accessible and large, so you can put a lot of herb in when you load it. As long as you clean it regularly, it will last for years.

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There Are Hundreds Of Great Flavors Of E Liquids

The electronic cigarette is so real and cool with a touch of class, but is so special about the electronic cigarette. Let’s face it, what makes the electronic cigarette so classic is the e liquid. Which liquid you use depends with your taste, do you want bitterness or sweetness when you vaporize. This is why there are so many flavors of e liquids on the market, each being different from the other because of the different flavors they have.

Variety to choose from

This is a good thing to the consumer; you do not have to stick to one boring flavor every now and then you can switch between flavors. You can compare and contrast the many brands and flavors in the market, and know which works best for you. But it is also good to first know the ingredients in your e liquid, you do not want an e liquid made of chemicals. The most common flavors are tobacco and menthol varieties, but there are others with fruity flavors. Most beginners start with tobacco or menthol, but once they pass the introduction stage they start experimenting with the other flavors. There are many e-juice flavors in the market, made of sweet and fruity blends. There are several flavors of e liquid which can be blended together such as; chocolate, tobacco, grape, cherry, cinnamon and many others to produce one rich and great flavor. If you like experimenting then do try a variety of these blends, they will just take you away.

It’s not about the gadget, it’s the flavor

It is hard to mention all the flavors in the market, but it is clear no matter how good or classy you electronic cigarette is, the taste and flavor is always from the electronic liquid. But how do they produce the best flavor, and how do they make sure that when you vaporize, it gets to serve its purpose. And which ingredients do they use; these are the question that should be answered. To get a good electronic liquid and flavor, you need to have a good mixture of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). PG is a viscous liquid with no taste or color at room temperature, in electronic cigarettes it is used to allow atomization at lower temperatures than would normally do. Due to its combining features it is used to deliver nicotine when you inhale. On the other hand VG provides a thicker solution than PG when used in electronic cigarettes, but the only difference is that VG has a sweet taste and does not result to a dry mouth. The best mix of PG to VG in an e liquid should be about, 20-30 VG to 70-80 PG.

But in whichever case the best flavor will be the flavor that you feel satisfied with, it does not mean that blended flavors will taste better than the original flavors. It all depends with how you like your electronic cigarette, either with tobacco flavors, fruit flavors, menthol flavors or the others. But before concluding that one flavor is the best, take time and experiment on the others they might be better.

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Looking At The Da Vinci Ascent

The da Vinci ascent is the latest vaporizer in the market, it’s like it has been designed just for you with that touch feeling of class. It has some more weight than the other vaporizer, which comes in different colors. It has a clasp that prevents the chamber from opening in the wrong direction. It also has reinforced seal all-round the vapor path, the clasp and the vapor path seal are situated at the side of the vaporizer. This vaporizer has a rubberized plastic which gives it that soft touch, and its sides are black aluminum.



This is a very convenient vaporizer because it has a stirring tool, when the vapor quantity reduces you just stir your material and the vapor increases. The power button is on the right side of the display screen, the mouthpiece at the center and the stirring tool above it. At the bottom of the da Vinci vaporizer there is a charging port on the left side of the metal grill. This vaporizer has some extra weight compared with the others, thus you do not have to keep on touching your pockets checking whether it’s lost. You will feel the weight in your, but this does not mean that the vaporizer is heavy, it is still a light, portable gadget that you will be comfortable with in the pocket. Other vaporizers have some looseness of the hinges, but with this vaporizer this is totally eliminated. This vaporizer is designed in a way that the chambers cannot open accidentally and the clasp is to prevent the chamber from being over closed which can damage the hinge.


Using a vaporizer should be pleasurable and very simple, it should not be stressing or complicated. Some vaporizers are so complicated that you get bored when vaporizing, this is not the case with the DA Vinci ascent vaporizer, it has been simplified to a one button operation. It has an added advantage because the vaporizing temperature can be stepped up at pre-set time interval. This vaporizer is just the right for you because you can even adjust the time period it should be on when you are not touching it, and it just switches off. Once you switch the gadget on it will usually heat up to the last set temperature, but you can adjust this by the “-” and “+” buttons. What is meant by setting up temperatures is, you are given three time-frames and three temperatures. You may start at 380 and set it to rise to 390 within the time you want, and then to 400 the temperature and time is user controlled. There are two methods of drawing from the da Vinci ascent; you can use the rim or the stem. The two methods work equally well, the only difference is the resistance in the draws. But be careful when handling the stem, if you push it with some force you might break the mouthpiece. But if it is broken do not worry the gadget comes with two of them so you just replace.

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What propylene Glycol does in an E-Cig

Propylene Glycol is one of the three ingredients in E-cigarettes/v2 cig liquid including; nicotine, flavoring, water and pharmaceutical-grade propylene. There are some debates all around whether it is safe for use. There are no known long term effects of its use, however, there are researches being conducted about it. Its wide range of usage

Propylene Glycol has been in use for quite some time now, in cosmetics, food additives, animal feeds, pharmaceutical and industrial uses. It has been certified for use in cosmetics at the ratio of 50%, in hair sprays it may have some effects on the lungs due to the aerosol products in it. Some large particles of this ingredient settle in the lungs. This product is also certified for use in food additives, the agreed quantity of food is 25 milligrams per one kilogram of body weight, it helps in keeping the food moist. Used in animal feeds, but in small quantities.


What exactly is propylene Glycol, is the question most people’s minds, how safe is smoking it in e-cigarettes. And why is it used as an ingredient in the cigarettes. The importance of this ingredient, is it used as a vaporizable base in order to dilute the pure liquefied nicotine. This product is good in retaining water and hence it is used to deliver atomized medications, used in nebulizers and asthma inhalers. In e cigarettes it helps in delivering the nicotine once the vapor is inhaled, it allows atomization at lower temperatures than in tobacco cigarettes. This product has the following features; it has high boiling and flash points, stabilizing insoluble liquids, it is a water-retaining product, serves as a solvent, it is a stabilizer because it prevents fluids from evaporating and keeps them held together, lowers the freezing point and increases boiling points. It also helps in mixing and combining the non-mixable liquids, to produce one stable fluid.

Is it toxic?

This product has been in use for 50 plus years, and research showing that the levels of toxins in it are very low. This is because propylene acts as an active ingredient and a transporter of other substances. Even if it is active, when it gets into the body is converted to lactic acid in the same way as sugars are converted.

In industries this product is used as a non-toxic antifreeze and deicing solutions for aircraft’s cars and as a solvent in paints and plastic industries. In food the product is used to carry flavors, also used in drinks in the same way. In cosmetics it is used in various ways like; body lotions, face creams, lipsticks, deodorant sticks, it makes them soft, consistent and moist. It keeps livestock and pets feed moist. It is also a carrier of active ingredients in capsules and vaccines and delivers them successfully in the body. It is used to make bathing and showering soaps, shaving foams, antiperspirant, shampoos and toothpaste. In conclusion the main purpose of propylene Glycol in e- cigarettes is to dilute the liquefied nicotine.

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The Science Behind Convection Style Vaporizers

The three steps used in vaporizing are heating the substance, then extracting the substance and lastly is converting the oils into gas. There are two methods used for these steps, either conduction or convection. With the two methods there is a big difference in the quality of vapor that is produced.

It is always advisable to know which vaporizing method your vaporizer is used before you buy. Understanding both vaporizers is the key to buying the most convenient vaporizer. Know the advantage of one over the other, which has the best quality vapor. You do not want to buy a vaporizer today and then tomorrow you realize that it is not satisfying you to the fullest.

Latest technology


Convection style vaporizers use the latest technology, unlike conduction style vaporizers which require direct contact between the heat and the herbs, convection vaporizers rely on the hot air movement in and around the herb. The hot air heats the herbs and then transports them when you inhale. Most of the vaporizers, either conduction or convection style vaporizers they use temperature control to avoid overheating of the filament. The vaporizer should not exceed a certain temperature limit. When the air attains the required temperature it will extract the vapor without direct contact.

These two methods have their advantages and disadvantages, so which ever vaporizer you want to use will depend on what you need or what you want to achieve. Due to the fact that the herbs are heated directly in the conduction vaporizers, most people say that they are less efficient they do not vaporize the material evenly. But this problem can be solved by stirring your materials every now and then to ensure even distribution of heat. If the heat is concentrated at the same point, the vapor produced will reduce due to the herbs in direct contact with the heat being over heated.

Also, if only one point is being heated the vapor quality will reduce. It is clear that convection style vaporizers are better than the conduction style vaporizers; this is because these types are able to supply heat evenly and they thoroughly heat your substance. This is more efficient and also produces better quality vapor. It is using the latest vaporizing technology, with more complicated, but better mechanics than the conduction style vaporizers.

Thorough and even heating

Though convection style vaporizers are deemed better and more efficient, it’s better to understand why they are better. These vaporizers are also quite expensive; this is because of the technology and efficiency involved. But this technology is worth paying that extra penny because with these new technology vaporizers you won’t have to keep stirring the herbs. With higher capacity batteries, they have a better nicotine-dispersal. To understand the convection style vaporizers try to think about a hair drier, when you plug it to power it emits hot air. Which then start circulating in the hair, it is the same thing with this vaporizer the hot air moves around the fluid and vaporize it.